The Sales and Support Teams are the pillars of any business when it comes to customer relationship management, which includes – customer acquisition, customer satisfaction to customer retention.

Let’s have a look at some concrete stats that prove what your customers are actually expecting from you:

It is researched that 59% of customers believe that companies need to provide cutting-edge digital experiences to keep their business.

“93% of buyers begin their buying process with an internet search” – which proves that a major part of the activity of a customer is on a digital platform. 

So why keep your services limited to a traditional call/text method?

How about moving to Video Conferencing – which is a great tool for delivering real-time and unmatchable customer experience.

Whether it’s closing a sale or addressing customer concerns, a face-to-face interaction can be much more effective as compared to a call or written communications.

Let’s move on to how Video Conferencing can make your job much easier:

How Your Sales Team can Convert More Leads

Establish Trust with Prospects & Improve Conversion Rates


Better and Faster Decision Making, while cutting follow up time

Clients often take more time on decision making over texts or calls as they feel a lack of trust and coordination within teams but with video conferencing the decision making process becomes much faster.


Building Trust and Reliability

Video calls are scheduled prior and are the closest experience to a face-to-face conversation and hence, there is a trust and reliability built in the eyes of the clients. It can also serve as a strong professional relationship that lasts long.


Schedule More Meets while saving on travel costs and time

The most important part of sales is travelling and meeting people and the time and effort spent in that can be huge which often is tiring and can decrease the conversion rates. But since video calls are quick and work on a timeline, it proves to be very helpful.


Solve Real-time Queries with Screen Sharing

When you have to show product or app demos to the clients, video calls prove to be a win-win for both, the client and you. As and when a query arises, you can directly solve that on a screen without sending them step-by-step manuals.


Record Calls for Future Reference and Follow Ups

Closing sales is a different experience and every sales person has an individual trait and method. When you record such calls, it can be used for training purposes for others to see as an example for future references. Sometimes it can also be done for maintaining client history.


Double Up the Targets and Earn benefits

Sales is solely based on targets and there are various incentives attached if you meet these targets or go beyond the set numbers. When you have the perfect solution that saves a lot of travel time and can be more time bound, you can plan a video calling schedule and interact with them at your own convenience and thereby hit your targets before time.

How Your Customer Support Team Can Build Healthy Relationships

Ensure Superior Quality Support & Boost Customer Satisfaction


Technical Support to Remote Locations

There can be incidents when the customer is not able to explain their problems, that’s when remote technical support can help big time. Virtual interaction can help the support team know how complex the problem is and guide with proper steps for the same and solve the issue in no time.


Technical Support to Remote Locations

A customer support team has some important metrics such as customer engagement rate, query solved, satisfied customer ratings, etc. to track which helps in assessing their performance. With Video communication methods, there is drastic improvement in the performances as well as the feedback from the customers which in the end result in better numbers.


Get New Customers with Real-time product demos

With Video conferencing made easy and flexible, you can schedule product demos for customers who have issues with the functioning of the app or product. This not only makes their lives easier, but also fixes the problem at both the ends quickly.


Accelerate customer engagement through live interactions

When a communication is over a text or an email or a call, there can be a high chance of no revert backs or delay in responses. But with a scheduled video call, you can receive full attention of the customer as well as get live feedback or testimonials from them, which you can further use for marketing purposes.


Use video recordings for performance analysis purpose

With advancement in the technology, you can now record your virtual calls for future references and analysis purposes. Viewing these calls can also boost the confidence of the support team in order to analyze their own individual performances.


Standout from your Competitors with Personalized Experience

While many of your competitors have still not leveraged video conferencing for customer service, starting early can help you stand out from them and make your services unique. Particularly if you spend time interacting with your clients, you are going to win a customer for long-term.

End Result

As Video Conferencing is interactive, personalized and an experience users enjoy the most, it can help enhance your brand image and reviews as well. If you scale it the right way, it can help brands Upsell their products and have clients for a lifetime. 

Are you looking to see your organization’s sales reps go high and offer seamless support experiences at the same time?

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