Case Study – HyLyt Gets Custom Video Conferencing Feature

How we Transformed HyLyt with High-Level Security and Video Conferencing Feature Integration

Revolutionising Workflow Management with Standout Features

About HyLyt

As Remote Work and WFH is the way of embracing the New Normal Work-life, Workflow Management and Video Conferencing Apps have become a necessity to streamline and manage day-to-day work-related tasks and activities.

Hylyt is an All-in-one Information Management App which was built with an objective to prevent data loss or leakage and to boost productivity massively.

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When the idea of Hylyt was presented to us, it was fresh and very innovative when it came to functioning and features they wanted in it. However, these were the solutions for the various industry challenges when it came to Workflow or Information Management App performances. Few of the challenges are:
We had a thorough study of the detailed functionalities they needed in the app along with the integration of some cutting edge features that make HYLYT App stand out from the pack available in the market. Apart from that, they also wanted the same App to function as a personal information management app so it fulfills the purpose of being a versatile and multi-purpose app and you don’t have to go anywhere else separately plus, the added security levels make it even better.

Key Features

There is no hassle of handing over information and important documents. On Hylyt, all information can be easily transferred from an old user to a new one to avoid any loss of productivity.
Multi-Factor Security Authentication

When it comes to privacy and security, Hylyt has left no stone unturned. Along with end-to-end encryption, it also offers a 2 level PIN and other security functions within the app which also hide the locked folders unless they are allowed by the admin.

Filter Information based on Multiple Parameters

Now you can filter and find the information you have earlier saved or tagged on the go. You won't have to go hunting. It is just possible with typing relevant words or setting filters.

Single Click Save

If any content is being copied or shared outside of the app, it automatically triggers the user to save it in one click without being interrupted.

Scheduled Push Notifications

You can now schedule a reminder of a calendar or an event on other HYLYT users’ app without them making an effort.

Single Click Share To Multiple Channels

With just one click you can now share single content on multiple channels making it a seamless and fast experience.

Knowledge Transfer From Old To New Employee

There is no hassle of handing over information and important documents. On Hylyt, all information can be easily transferred from an old user to a new one to avoid any loss of productivity.

Prevent Re-Sharing of Information

Important or not, it does not take even a second to spread information from one person to another person. But with Hylyt, you can restrict re-sharing and forwarding of information at the user level and have full control over the data usage.

Interconnect Information

You can interconnect various pieces of information saved in different folders and link them using tags and access them whenever you want to.

Video Conferencing Feature
The New Chat and Communications Mode

Video Conferencing is the new Scrum meeting or the phone call. The Video Conferencing Feature is the latest addition to this unique app and it also makes it a complete workflow management app available in the market. With the video call feature available in a information management app there are a host of benefits it offers:

A good video conferencing integration app has much more value to offer than just face-to-face interactions. It is a great feature if you want to have a quick call with a colleague, explain something by screen sharing, or hold a team meeting by simply adding it to everyone’s calendar. It is quick, time saving and straightforward. All you need to do is create a link, share it and add people within the organization to it if required. It truly proves to assure that there is ‘Collaboration with Compromising on Additional Effort, Security or Reliability’.



A Report by Forbes states, “62% of executives agree that video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication. In addition, 50% of those surveyed believe video conferencing also improves the degree of understanding.”

Below are a few USPs that make HYLYT standout from other information management apps available in the market:

  • HyLyt Saves Your ~30mins A Day
  • HyLyt Secures Your Data 24×7
  • HyLyt Lets You Access On Multiple Devices

HYLYT is a great example where you almost have your entire organization and its functions streamlined in a seamless flow in your hands. You have the CONTROL, the SECURITY and the RELIABILITY to perform your tasks and manage work efficiently.

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