How we developed a Custom and multi-purpose News & Media Publishing Software to boost the company's reach & productivity

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Being in the news business, there is always a high demand for speed, accuracy, and timely delivery. The company’s main problem area was to have an all in one software to avoid multiple editorial tools which were time-consuming, costly as well as required through coordination and re-checks. This technological setback stood in the way of their growth and modernization in this business.

We proposed to them an all-in-one News Management Software solution to make their operations much smoother so they could easily meet the growing industry demands. They expected their software to be cost-effective, customized, and scalable to cope up with ever-changing technology upgrades and to manage large volumes of data. Apart from these, they also wanted integrated functions that would help reduce manual tasks such as integration with various networks to be automated.

Key Features






When this company reached out to our team we scheduled an initial consultation in order to understand their needs and operations to develop software that meets all their requirements. The advantage for the company with custom software was no heavy licensing costs or limited accessibility of off-site-shelf software and the flexibility to modify and add features in the future without any hassles. Our team at iTechnoSsol developed a wide range of features that could easily make their news production operations efficient. We agreed upon creating a powerful CMS along with web application, Android application, and iOS application development for complete news management.

Customer-facing Apps

The web and mobile application enable users to browse through the news on their phones or tablets, thereby enhancing their experience.

Advertisement Network Integration

In order to expand the reach and targeting of the news, various advertisement networks are needed to distribute the news on online platforms. With the integration of advertisement networks, this task becomes much easier and faster.

Administration Module

Take your manual tasks to automatic mode. This interface helps users to access the back end operations such as scheduling, commenting, generating reports, and more.

News Aggregator Apps Integration

Apps such Jio News, Google News, Daily Hunt, PayTM Mini Apps, and more are some of the great news aggregators. With this integration, the news will be automatically shared on the top news aggregators or the ones you choose.

Technologies Used


In less than a year’s time, iTechnosol developed a tailor-made News Management software solution along with the data migration of 5+ years from the old platform.

A Multi-purpose Software that transformed the News Creation, Production and Distribution process of this News and Media Company!

Are you ready to deliver a competitive edge with a fully customized Software that boosts your productivity by 5x?